Property I.D. Corporation Carlos Siderman


Carlos Siderman President and CEO of Property I.D. Corporation welcomes the ten year anniversary of Mailana G. Mavromatis


Property I.D. Corporation the California real estate information company and natural hazard disclosure founder celebrates the ten-year employment anniversary of attorney Mailana G. Mavromatis! Once a family law and divorce attorney, Mailana came to Property I.D. Corporation only a few short weeks after the natural hazard disclosure statement form became a real estate law requirement in the State of California in 1998 and steered Property I.D. Corloration through the transition when it went into effect in 1999. A happily married mother of two residing in the San Francisco Bay area's Lafayette, Mailana is as busy and committed at Property I.D. Corporation as she was when she first walked in ten years ago.


"I have been happy at Property I.D. Corp especially because I'm a mom and this has really proven to be a very mommy-friendly real estate company to work for. It's pro-employee and family-oriented. It feels like family here."


Mailana finds the work itself to be a lot of fun and rewarding and she feels fortunate to apply her expertise in an industry that protects both the consumer and the real estate agent, finding pleasure in working with people. The feeling is mutual.


"We think of Mailana as one of the most competent real estate disclosure experts in the State of California," says Carlos Siderman CEO and President, "and we are proud to have her at Property I.D. Corporation".

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