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California law mandates disclosure of information about whether a property for sale is located within specified natural hazard zones. It requires home sellers and/or their agents to conduct research to specifically determine this information. The information that is discovered about the property is called a Natural Hazard Disclosure Report.

Without an NHD Report how would you know if a property is at risk for flood, fire, earthquake or other type of natural hazard damage? Homeowners need to be proactive in making their home buying decisions. We all know that buying a home always comes with a certain amount of risk and that risk can be reduced with reliable information found in an NHD Report. Ordering a natural hazard disclosure report is part of your due-diligence to learn as much about the property that you are considering. Knowledge of any existing potential natural and environmental hazards allows you to make an informed decision. The existence of these hazards may limit your ability to develop the property, obtain insurance, or receive assistance after a disaster.

An NHD Report can help shorten the purchase cycle of a property. Especially in today’s foreclosure market, too many homebuyers are receiving little to no disclosure information and an NHD Report could save you a great deal of time, money and stress.

In 1976, Property ID founder Carlos Siderman began preparing disclosures for developers under different businesses identities, and what is now known as the natural hazard disclosure industry was born. Mr. Siderman incorporated the name Property ID in 1994. From its simple origins as a commercial development disclosure provider, the firm quickly established itself as the benchmark against which all other hazard disclosure companies' measure themselves.

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Yes. You may also request a certificate of insurance with your name on it from Property ID by calling customer service to request it.

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