Southern California Rains Bring Mudslide Dangers

California Houses at Risk?

The recent heavy rain reminds Southern California homeowners about the dangers of mudslides. During drought conditions, a heavy rain becomes particularly problematic for real estate owners in vulnerable areas. The combination of drought, brushfires, and dry weather then instant heavy rains unloosens the soil causing erosion and mudslides.

In a well-balanced climate, trees, foliage and underbrush, anchor hillsides, holding off erosion and mudslides.   However, the recent brushfires and dry conditions in Orange County and Los Angeles have provided no viable soil condition for plants to grow on. California wet weather seems to turn on and off like a tap

As a homeowner, you are required to hold insurances that will protect your investment – or the bank’s investment – but if your home is located within a published landslide area, you can be sure that the risk is greater than normal and your insurance premium will reflect this.  This is something that potential homebuyers can avoid with a little research. A Property I.D. Corporation Natural Hazard Disclosure Report will let you know what potential hazards have been mapped in the area you are looking to buy. Knowing the potential risks and thus, insurance premiums, should be factored into a home’s monthly payment. That expensive luxury home in a low risk area may have a lower monthly out of pocket payment that a less expensive home.



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