Even though tsunami warnings have ceased for California for the moment, the recovery effort along the California coastline could cost $50 million and that number may be on the rise.

Lori Dengler, of Humboldt State University said in a newspaper interview that, "It's going to go up. How far up, I'm not going to predict. This is an expensive event for California and Oregon."

The 8.9-magnitude earthquake off the northeast coast of Japan last week, which has been upgraded to 9.1, created a tsunami that killed hundreds maybe thousands of people before it traveled across the entire Pacific Ocean.

The majority of the damage that occurred in California was reported in Crescent City and Santa Cruz. The recovery's price tag for the Santa Cruz harbor is estimated to be around $17 million where close to 100 boats were damaged by the incoming tsunami.

Also, at least eight boats were capsized near Santa Catalina Island in Southern California as well as several boats being damaged in San Diego.

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