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Property I.D.Corporation the leading independent Natural hazard disclosure Company has announced the latest Easy NHD(TM) innovation with the availability of their new iPhone application, giving agents a better way to order NHD reports and manage orders while they are in the field.

From their desks a real estate agent can easily order their disclosure reports. However, agents are constantly on the move and away from their desks. Property I.D. has released a new iPhone app to support their customers while they are in the field.

Joshua Schechter, Property I.D. Corporation Director of Technology, commented:

"With the app, we not only wanted to bring the convenience of our online ordering and report history tools to the field with the agent, we also wanted to integrate the iPhone's GPS, maps, and contacts functions directly into the app to make things even easier for our customers. The app is going to be very handy for the agent on the go."

The Property I.D. Corporation iPhone app let's clients login using their PID Platinum accounts and once logged in the app conveniently remembers their login info so they won't have to enter it again. The main focus of the app is easy report ordering, getting the user to the order form with a single tap. Selecting the property address for an order has been enhanced by taking advantage of the iPhones built in GPS and maps. The user can use the current GPS location to identify the address, place a pin in the map on their property, or just type in the address.

Beyond ordering, the app makes it easier to manage any orders a user has placed. Going to the My Orders screen gives the access to older orders to see their status, view the report, and forward the report to clients and/or escrow. Application users can even see if the people they forward reports to have opened them or not.

The iPhone app is easy to use and only takes a minute to install (actually it doesn't even take that long.) Just go to the App Store, search for Property I.D. and install the app from there. This app also works on iPad. There is no charge for the app.

If you would like to see the application in use, Property I.D. Corp has made a couple instructional videos available, just click the links below.

Instructional Video 1 - Ordering Reports

Instructional Video 2 - Managing Your Orders

Property I.D. iPhone App - iTunes Preview

To learn more about our app please click here.

Property I.D. Corp strives to use the latest technology to bring you better California NHD reports that are easier to get and easier to use. Use the Property I.D. Corp NHD report iPhone app to make your busy life easier, ordering your Easy NHD(TM) anytime and anywhere.

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