Wildfire Disclosure Report

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The FortressFire Wildfire Disclosure Report (WFDR) was developed by FortressFire to assess the wildfire risk characteristics of a property, in line with the intended objectives of AB38.

  • WFDR is a tool for real estate professionals and their seller and buyer clients.
  • WFDR is not based on a generalized hazard model, but rather a property’s specific physical structure and its surroundings.


The Wildfire Disclosure Report Includes:

  • Fuel Load Analysis: Assessing the property’s vegetation density to understand fire fuel potential.
  • Topographical Insights: Understanding how the terrain may influence fire behavior and spread.
  • Proximity to Fire-Prone Areas: Identifying potential risks based on the property’s location.
  • Compliance with State Regulations: Documenting the status for AB 38 inspections and insurance coverage options.
  • Mitigation Recommendations and Costs: Offering personalized strategies to mitigate vulnerabilities and enhance insurability.
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Required Terms and Conditions for Sales to Customers

Customer acknowledges and agrees that:
  • By ordering a FortressFire Wildfire Disclosure Report (“Report”), Customer is making an offer to purchase the Report and that such offer shall not be deemed accepted and constitute a binding commitment on the part of Fortress Wildfire Insurance Group, LLC d/b/a FortressFire (“FortressFire”) unless and until a Report is delivered. FortressFire may accept or reject this offer to purchase a Report in its discretion. If FortressFire rejects this offer, FortressFire shall be under no obligation to provide a Report, and Customer will be under no obligation to pay for a Report. Customer acknowledges that wildfire risks are rapidly changing risks, and in delivering a Report, FortressFire makes no representations or warranties, whether directly or via course of performance, course of dealing, or otherwise, as to the predictability of any risks or accuracy of any information contained in such Report.
  • Certain personal information, such as name, address, phone number, and e-mail address may be needed to receive the services set forth above. Any personal information will be collected and processed by FortressFire in accordance with the FortressFire privacy policy. Customer hereby grants to FortressFire and applicable contractors all necessary rights to host, use, process, store, and transmit such data as necessary for FortressFire and its contractors to provide the services described above.
  • FortressFire is an intended third-party beneficiary of the paragraphs above.