In an age where consumers want instant and limitless access to information, real estate marketers have kept up and armed themselves with the latest technology to further their business. But there's a difference between merely upgrading to the latest technology and choosing smart technology-an agent's success is dependent on the choice he or she makes to facilitate the work he or she does. Here are a few of these smart technologies that made the cut:

Open Home Pro
Open Home Pro is a mobile app powered by HomeFinder.com that serves as a data collection and customer relationship management (NYSE:CRM) tool for realtors. Tech Crunch earlier covered the app in 2011, deeming it as a problem-solver "for a real-world industry." Open Home Pro also notifies an agent about new leads and follows up on these leads automatically after open each open house an agent holds via email, complete with the agent's contact details. The app, which can be installed on any Apple or Android devices, also helps agents increase traffic to their listings via one-touch email and social sharing, according to the app's homepage. It looks and works best on the iPad, but its smartphone app version works just fine.

EzFlix is a groundbreaking mobile application launched early this month by digital media company Realbiz Media Group, Inc. (OTCQB: RBIZ). EzFlix is like Instagram for the real estate sector, but with more specialized video recording, editing, sharing, and auditing tools. According to a demo, EzFlix connects automatically to MLS systems agents use and consolidates all the videos, virtual tours, and photos that they have uploaded on them. This makes for easy access when agents would like to create a new video using the app.

Agents can also use the app to record a new home video or take a live photo of the property. They can also pull up photos from their phone's gallery and edit them for uploading, or create new videos out of them. The videos and photos show up on a timeline, where agents can simply drag or drop them wherever they want the video to appear.

EzFlix also allows the addition of audio clips or personal audio commentaries to virtual tours to enhance the property buyer's browsing experience. The app is pre-loaded with audio clips which agents can select from a drop down list. Once audio has been added, the agent can publish the video tour or photo on EzFlix, YouTube or Facebook for potential clients to see. To learn more information about EzFlix and other Realbiz Media products and services, contact Realbiz via its toll free number: 1.888.REAL.BIZ (888.732.5249) or email: [email protected]

Mortgage Assistant
Computing for mortgage rates is not just a problem among real estate consumers as agents struggle in crunching the numbers too. The app was developed by London and Country, an independent mortgage broker according to a report on The Telegraph and allows agents to compare loan rates and compute for costs easily. The app is not intended to replace the services of an agent, "but it's a good place to start," The Telegraph noted.

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