Facebook isn't just a site to connect long lost family members or a chance to chime in on a political debate anymore -- Facebook is a tool for marketing, and quite frankly, the ultimate tool for real estate agents. For many reasons, Facebook has become the leading social media device for small and large businesses everywhere -- and the proof is in the analytics and success of these people.

So, why is Facebook so useful?

First of all, advertising on Facebook is fairly new, so it is much cheaper than other forms of advertising. Things are still being tweaked and perfected, so advertising on Facebook remains reasonably priced. The second reason is that Facebook has very accurate aim when it comes to your target market. The way that Facebook is set up allows for immense amounts of information about its users to be collected. This is practically a gold mine for business advertising -- especially real estate agents. Your target audience can be reached with Facebook's demographics for each ad. This is how the home you're selling reaches people looking for exactly what you've got -- which in the end determines your success.

So it's that easy?
Yes, it can be -- if you know what you're doing. Your ad must be very specific for it to reach the optimal amount of your target audience. To boost your ad being seen or clicked by the most people, remember to:

-Avoid generic verbiage
-Have an original photo to go along with the ad
-Fine tune your target audience demographics
-Create value for the consumers with your ad
-Link your ad to your website or directly to your Facebook page

So, why aren't more realtors using Facebook?
Many realtors don't have the time to be constantly creating and monitoring ads on Facebook, or they just don't trust that it really works. One failed ad does not necessarily mean that Facebook ads won't work for you; it just means that it is missing a crucial factor you may not see. If you DO know what you're doing, Facebook ads can be very powerful in creating a clientele and furthering your business.
I don't have enough time/don't know how. What do I do?

It's highly unlikely that a working real estate professional has enough time to facilitate successful Facebook ads, which is why hiring some help can be a good idea. Most PR professionals can create and control Facebook ads along with pitching, and maintaining other social media sites. Think of it as TWO of you working at the same time. While you're out meeting with potential homeowners, your Facebook content and ads are also seeking out potential clients. Don't hesitate to put Facebook to work for YOU.
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