Winter's harshest days have come and gone. The body clock has righted itself after a week of clock-lag. The NCAA Tournament is gloriously upon us. It's March, and we couldn't be happier.

March is sunny and Springy and on the cusp of everything beautiful. We can't get enough of it - clearly. Which is why we've compiled our list of:

The 64 Reasons We're Mad About March.
1. More real estate inventory coming onto the market
2. Inventory is greater, but buying season hasn't totally taken off yet which means more choice for you.
3. Still-record-low rates = greater home buying power
4. Warmer temps - finally!
5. Patio furniture at Costco
6. It's not tax time...yet
7. Women's History Month
8. The return of your sense of humor (Spring tends to bring smiles.)
9. Slashed prices on big TVs and 4K sets, according to CBS News
10. First choice of bathing suits at Target
11. Still time to get in shape before bathing suit season
12. Time to put away the ice scrapers
13. Barbecue sales
14. Shoveling burgers and dogs into your face is so much more fun than shoveling snow.
15. Driving home from work in daylight
16. Goodbye winter blues, hello lighter hues. See spring color trends here
17. Special Spring financing offers from big box stores
18. Winter items start going on clearance (it's never too early to stock up for next year!).
19. That much closer to swim parties
20. Hammocks
21. The art of bracketology (especially when it involves bragging rights)
22. The return of the green stuff
23. Remembering to adjust your sprinklers and resume your watering schedule to feed the green stuff
24. Fountains
25. Birdfeeders
26. Hummingbirds and the flowers that attract them
27. That glorious time between snow and April showers
28. Running on real actual ground instead of real actual treadmill
29. Almost time for open-toed shoes at work
30. Dogs that will go outside without begging, pleading, pushing, prodding, bribing, and doggie snowshoes
31. Outdoor fireplaces (get some inspiration here)
32. Spring fever (the kind that makes you want to play hooky on Fridays, not play catch the runny nose with the Kleenex box)
33. Countdown to flip-flops
34. Countdown to toes in the sand
35. The simple pleasure of gardening
36. Spring color
37. Artichokes
38. Asparagus
39. The perfect time to start on an outdoor project like an outdoor kitchen (check out some ideas here)
40. Farmer's markets
41. Easter candy (Who says you have to wait until the bunny comes?)
42. Convertibles
43. A meal al fresco with a view of big fluffy clouds
44. A meal al fresco without wearing a parka
45. No one will play any cruel jokes on you until NEXT month
46. Spring break without the vomiting (presumably)
47. You still have time to clean up your backyard before the big Easter egg hunt.
48. Garage sales
49. Flea markets
50. The deep end
51. Grapefruit
52. Oranges
53. Pineapple
54. Strawberries
55. Cadbury creme eggs
56. The month has five Saturdays - all the better to take care of all your outdoor projects.
57. Pansies
58. Violas
59. American Red Cross Month - the perfect time to organize a blood drive
60. 20% to 70% discounts on luggage, according to Forbes
61. National Frozen Foods Month means deep discounts on frozen stuff
62. Cotton sheets instead of flannel
63. Front porches
64. Open windows

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