Property I.D. is pleased to announce the Renter Report© is here! In compliance with AB646, a property Owner who enters into a contract to rent/lease property on or after July 1, 2018 must disclose to the Tenant if the property is IN a Special Flood Hazard Zone and/or IN an area of Potential Flooding for Dam Failure Inundation. This is because if the Owner of the property has flood insurance, the Owner’s policy will not cover the Tenant’s possessions, so the Tenant should consider securing their own renter’s and flood insurance. The Property I.D. Renter Report© satisfies the Owner’s legal disclosure obligations under AB646. It can be updated as often as necessary within one year, after being paid, but the owner must provide the Tenant’s name for us to print on the Renter Report© so that owner, owner’s agent, and tenant will be covered under our E&O insurance.

The cost is $29, In addition to English language the “Report Receipt & Notice to Tenant” signature page will be available, upon request, in the following languages: Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Tagalog, & Vietnamese.

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