The Renter Report™ is here in compliance with the law

Effective July 1, 2018 California law requires that property owners who offer residential property for rent/lease will provide the contents of the Renter Report to tenants. Failure to provide the Renter Report disclosures before tenants contractually commit violates Section 8589.45 of the Government Code. Property I.D.’s Renter Report™ is fully compliant with disclosure requirements of AB 646. The Renter Report protects property owner, owner’s agent, and tenant for any and all legally required disclosures relating to the rental/lease of property under Government Code § 8589.45.


What’s in The Renter Report™?

All legally required disclosures from property owners to tenants pursuant to Government Code §8589.45 and other code sections, are included. In the event of a change in tenancy within one year, the Renter Report can be updated with the new tenant information at no additional charge.


What is the easiest way to order these reports?

Simply order The Property I.D. Renter Report™ HERE, or call 1-800-626-0106


What is the cost of Property I.D. Renter Report™?



More to offer?

Pursuant to Civil Code § 1632, in addition to English, the “Renter Report™ & Notice to Tenant” signature page is available in the following languages: Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Tagalog, & Vietnamese. Please select the desired language when ordering.


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